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Update 2021-02-08: Discovery Complete for Stage Two of Cornell's Cority Implementation

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The team charged with extending the implementation of Cority for Environmental Health and Safety has completed the Discovery phase of the project's Stage Two. 

A thorough reevaluation of Stage Two began in summer 2020 and concluded in December. Demonstrations, discussion, analysis, documentation, clarifications, and negotiation led to decisions on the recommended workflow and in-scope items using the Audits & Inspections and Compliance Management modules of Cority's Safety Suite.  

Integrations have been identified, as have data to be converted from legacy systems (injury/illness incidents, payroll hours). There will be a fixed cost for all Cority work including configurations, conversions, and integrations, estimated based on fixed scope plus contingency. 

Effort with Cority is now focused on creating the Statement of Work (SOW). It will describe the fixed scope, estimated timeline, and costs associated with the fixed scope. Expected start date and other details will be shared when the information is available. 

For more information about the recent history of Stage Two Discovery, see: 

In Stage 3, the project will focus on the remaining areas of: 

  • Research Safety Discovery 

  • Industrial Hygiene Re-implementation 

  • Maximo Integration/PBS Implementation Discovery 

  • Environmental Suite Discovery  

The target dates for Stage 3 will be determined after the Stage 2 SOW is complete. 

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