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IT Professionals

Units agreeing to the terms of the Certified Desktop Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will need to document a plan to implement effective data security technical measures. These measures are derived from CIT’s Operational Procedures for Information Security (“...Read more

For units who have signed up for Certified Desktop, the following alternative security tools may be considered acceptable for meeting compliance requirements. Units should consult with the IT Security Office on deployment and reporting considerations.

If the solution you're seeking is...Read more

Cornell Stream is Cornell's implementation of Amazon's AppStream 2.0, which allows users to access desktop applications through their browsers. The service's main goal is to provide specialized software necessary for each course without requiring each student to purchase the application....Read more

The host of a Zoom meeting can turn on the closed captioning option and can assign this role to a participant. If you have been assigned this role, you will see a Closed Caption icon in the video controls at the bottom of your meeting window.

The link below will take you to the vendor'...Read more

The link below will take you to the vendor's help documentation, but before you go, in the Overview section, you'll find links to

How to Enable Closed Captions for your own meetings Starting Closed Captioning in a Meeting Entering Closed Captions as a Participant

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