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IT Professionals

Note : the links to documents and webpages on this page are password-protected. If you think you should have access, contact .

Cornell's AV Standards are a set...Read more

If you have recently seen an increase in PDFs being flagged for accessibility errors while running Siteimprove it is due to Siteimprove fixing an error in how many PDF's are scanned at a time.Read more

You will need to provide a spreadsheet listing the names and NetIDs of users who will need access. Please prepare this before filling in the request form. You can change this information later as needed. Power BI Pro is supported primarily by Microsoft...Read more

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that focuses on creating visual representation of data. MS Power BI developers create workbooks that contain a data model and one or more visualizations of data. MS Power BI users generally identify and build a data set for the...Read more

Due to changes being made by Qualtrics to improve email delivery, when using the Qualtrics Mailer in Cornell's survey service, it will be necessary to use as the "From" address either the default "From" address of or an address set up in advance by contacting...Read more

Mail to active Cornell alumni accounts is no longer passing through Cornell infrastructure, except in the case of forwarding to an outside personal account, when an alum has requested it.Read more