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New Zoom Minimum Version Required Starting August 5, 2023

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To avoid an interruption to the ability to attend scheduled Zoom meetings, Zoom and Zoom Room clients should be updated to version 5.12 or greater before August 5, 2023.

On that date, version 5.12 will be required as a minimum version to use the service. Windows, Mac, Linux, and Blackberry devices will need to update to version 5.12 or greater by then to avoid sign-in issues with the Zoom client or Zoom Rooms. Zoom will continue to enforce a new minimum version every three months. It's possible to allow the desktop client to automatically download and install updates based on your choice of update frequencies, slow (the default) for fewer updates and better stability, or fast for the newest features and updates. For more information, see Zoom's documentation regarding itsĀ automatic update release frequencies.

Zoom Clients and Zoom Rooms that do not meet the new minimum requirements on August 5 will be prompted to update the Zoom software to the current minimum version before they can sign in or join a meeting or webinar. If for some reason it is not possible to immediately update, individuals whose client is out of date will be provided the option to join a meeting through the web client instead.

For more information, see Zoom's documentation Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy.

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