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Does the Cornell Identity Provider provide a logout service?

No. Our credentials remain valid until you close your browser. We recommend that you give the user instructions to quit the browser if they want to log out. If your application has a logout item in its menus, you might consider...Read more

EntityID for the Cornell Identity Provider

Prod IDP: Test IDP:

URL for Cornell IDP metadata more has transitioned to a new platform called LinkedIn Learning with .

Current Cornell faculty, students, and staff have free, unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning's online library of high-quality training videos featuring the latest software...Read more

If you have a space (either personal or global) that is no longer active, follow this procedure to delete that space.

Before you delete a space, consider whether there is any content you may want to keep. If so, it would be wise to...Read more

You can export a Confluence space in a variety of formats, giving you a backup and/or versions you can access without logging in to Confluence.

Log into Confluence and view the space you want to export. In the bottom-left corner of the browser window, click ...Read more

The Spirion client application provides the ability to save settings, configuration information, and sensitive data across sessions through the use of a profile password. When a profile password is created, all data and settings are encrypted (AES-256-bit). It is not possible to recover a lost...Read more