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Zoom Best Practices

Resources for how to conduct and participate effectively in online meetings.

This article applies to: Zoom

Zoom's user blog has a great post on Best Practices for Conducting Successful Meetings.

LinkedIn Learning has a 45-minute video on Starting and Running a Zoom Meeting.

If people will be hearing you speak, be sure to turn off notifications from messaging and other apps on your computer before the meeting begins.


  1. From the Home button, click Settings, then System, then Notifications & actions.
  2. You can turn off all notifications with the toggle just below Notifications. (You can also turn them on and off for each app by clicking the sliders under Get notifications from these senders.)
  3. Be sure to return here to turn them back on when your meeting is over.


  1. In the Dock, click System Preferences, then Notifications.
  2. To turn off all notifications, select Do Not Disturb on the left, then select a start and end time on the right, and click to put a check next to these times. (You can also select individual apps on the left and click the Allow Notifications slider to turn notifications for that app on and off.
  3. Be sure to return here to return you settings to your normal state when your meeting is over.


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