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Enhance Chat with Formatting, Files, and More

When you're having a conversation in Teams, rich formatting, files, and other features are at your fingertips. 

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

Some features below may require additional connectors with Teams. See links for more information.

If you want to make sure a team member sees your post, you can mention them to get their attention. Mentions start as their full name, but don't have to stay that way. After you've selected the name and it has appeared in the text box, press the delete key once to remove the last name and again if there is a middle initial or name and you want to remove it. You'll be left with just the first name that has all the functionality of a full-name mention.

If your full first name and middle initial currently show as your name in Office 365 email and when someone mentions you in Teams and you'd like something different, you can set your name preference in Workday and change it.


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