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Copy Your OneNote Notebook to Another Account

When you download your Teams files, OneNote Notebooks don't get copied. Use this information to copy your OneNote Notebooks between two different accounts.

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams , Office 365 Productivity Bundle

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You will need to install the OneNote desktop application to complete these steps. The steps below apply to OneNote on both Windows and Mac.

If prompted in later steps, choose open with OneNote NOT OneNote for Windows. OneNote for Windows is a different version sometimes included with Windows that has different steps to complete this process.

Move From One Notebook To Another

To make these instructions easier to read, they assume that you are saving your OneNote notebook FROM a Cornell OneNote notebook and INTO a personal Microsoft OneNote notebook.

Open A Personal OneNote Notebook in the OneNote Desktop Application:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with your personal email address.
  3. Select a notebook from your files (see tip below).
  4. Open the notebook.
  5. On the ribbon click Open in Desktop App.
If you don't have an existing notebook, OneNote creates a new, blank notebook for you. If you prefer to move your Cornell notebook into a blank notebook (instead of an existing one), follow these instructions to create a new notebook.

Open A Cornell OneNote Notebook in the OneNote Desktop Application:

  1. Using a different web browser (or an incognito window) navigate to
  2. Login with your Cornell email address.
  3. Open the notebook you wish to copy.
  4. On the ribbon click Open in Desktop App.

Transfer sections or pages from your Cornell notebook to your Personal notebook.

If you are moving your personal OneNote notebook INTO a Cornell OneNote notebook, the process is the same. Simply swap "personal" and "Cornell" below.

  1. In your Cornell notebook, right click the section or page you wish to transfer.
  2. Choose Move Page To or Copy Page To.
  3. Choose your Personal notebook then click Move (or Copy).
  4. Repeat as needed to copy remaining notes.

Export the Notebook to A PDF Document

You can also export your entire notebook to PDF using the app.  


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