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Effective July 1, 2021, basic service for both voice and data are now considered common utilities and are covered by the university Cost Allocation Model (CAM). Along with these funding model changes, Cornell is working to provide a new cloud-based phone system, RingCentral , to replace the...Read more

To Locate an Extension Press Directory button. Dial three - five digits of the person's last name. Press Next button to view all entries. Note: This feature applies only to digital phones with display. Call Display

To automatically dial...Read more

Abbreviated Dialing (also called Auto Dial)

To activate

Press AD button.

To program

Dial *0 . (Hear dial tone.) Press AD button. (Hear dial tone.) Dial number to be stored. Press AD button. (Hear confirmation...Read more

The switchhook is the push button on the phone cradle. On an analog phone, you will use it to activate certain features and to disconnect calls.

To activate features, press and release the switchhook quickly. You will hear the recall dial tone . To...Read more
Programmable Features Send All Calls

Works only if the extension is in a Call Coverage Group.

Note: Send All Calls overrides forwarding.

To activate Press Send All Calls (SAC) or dial #2 . (Hear confirmation tone) If...Read more
All my calls go directly to my voice mail, or to another extension; my phone never rings even once. What's wrong?

Have you checked to be sure that Send All Calls or Call Forwarding is not active? To clear these features:

Get a dial tone Press #6 (to cancel Send All Calls) Get dial tone...Read more

Digital voice service offers multi-line service and a wide range of basic and advanced telephone features and options that come either standard or available upon request. It is particularly suited to environments with complex telephone needs or a high volume of telephone traffic, such as...Read more

User Experience

There is no dial tone or the telephone is not working.

How to Solve this Problem

Check to make sure the telephone is plugged into a jack. If it is not, generally it will need to be plugged into the first outlet (left side) in the jack. If you have four outlets in your...Read more