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This article applies to: Software Licensing

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Using the Minitab Web App

CU Software will assign you access rights to Minitab upon receipt of a request from your instructor or department. Before you attempt to use Minitab, please wait until you have received notices from both CU Software Licensing and from Minitab, Inc., saying that your account is ready. You will be able to use the Minitab Web App after you have completed the account setup instructions in the message from Minitab. Part of that process will include setting up an independent password with Minitab. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD THAT YOU USE FOR YOUR NETID.

After your account has been set up and activated, you will be able to sign in to the Minitab Web App.

The Minitab Web App is only supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Other browsers (such as Firefox) may work for some users, but the manufacturer cannot guarantee that all features will be usable. If you normally use an unsupported browser, we recommend that you switch to a supported browser when you need to use the Minitab Web App.

Update License File

If you were running Minitab 20 for Windows, and your license has expired, we recommend that you migrate to the Minitab Web App, or that you install version 21 (see below).

New Install of Minitab 21 for Windows

  1. Download the Minitab 21.2.0 installer from the CU Software Minitab Licensing article. The file name is
  2. Right-click the installer archive and select Extract All. You will be prompted to pick a location to save the files. We recommend that you choose the Desktop, then create a new folder called "Minitab" on the Desktop.
  3. In that folder you will find minitab21.2.0.setup.x64.exe. Double-click that file. You will need to sign in with a Windows Administrator account to run the installer. If you are installing on a Cornell-owned computer, you may need to assistance of your local IT support team to complete the installation.
  4. Accept the default installer options until asked How do you want to activate the software?
  5. On the Select a licensing method window, click Sign In, then click Next.
  6. On the Destination folder window, click Next. Do NOT change the default installation location.
  7. On the Ready to install Minitab window, click Install. Let the installer run to completion. You will see Completed Minitab Setup.
  8. Click Finish. You will find a new Minitab Statistical Software shortcut on your desktop.
  9. Double-click the new shortcut.
  10. On the Sign In to License Portal window, enter your email address.
  11. When prompted for the password, use the independent Minitab password you created when you activated your Minitab account. If you do not remember your password, click Forgot password and follow the on-screen instructions.
  12. After successful sign in, click Activate

Minitab will remain open and is ready to use.

Network/Concurrent User Configuration No Longer Available

Minitab, Inc. no longer offers Network/Concurrent-User licensing for Minitab. All users must now be provisioned with individual Named-User licenses. We understand that this change in the manufacturer's licensing policy may have significant impact on delivering Minitab for use in classrooms or instructional labs. Please contact CU Software to discuss options for delivering this software to your customers through individual Named-User licensing.


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