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LabVIEW Licensing

This article applies to: Software Licensing

LabVIEW, by National Instruments, is a comprehensive development environment that provides engineers and scientists with wide-ranging integration and compatibility with scientific hardware.


National Instruments LabVIEW Academic Site License includes:

  • LabVIEW
  • Control, Simulation, and Mechatronics Software
  • Embedded Systems Software
  • RF and Wireless Communications Software
  • Signal and Image Processing Software

Plus the Extended Development Suite:

  • Full Dev System
  • Real-Time Module
  • Spectral Measurements Toolkit with Run-time Engine
  • SQL Toolkit
  • SPC Toolkit
  • Signal Processing Toolkit
  • PID Control Toolkit
  • Studio Enterprise Edition
  • Studio Automation Symbols Toolkit
  • DIAdem
  • Analyzer Toolkit
  • Express VI Dev Toolkit
  • Database Connectivity Toolset
  • Report Generation Toolkit


LabVIEW is currently licensed for institutional use only. The software may be purchased by Cornell University staff and faculty via interdepartmental charge, and can be installed onto institution-owned machines.

Purchase a license

Our LabVIEW license runs from 14 July through 13 July of the following calendar year.  All LabVIEW licenses expire on the same date, regardless of the date of initial purchase. We are not able to offer prorated pricing.

LabVIEW may be ordered at either the individual user level or the department level. A department license is a site license which will cover all computer systems within the department for one annual fee. If you do not see your department in the table below, and don't know whether your department participates in LabVIEW licensing, please email contact us and we will investigate.

To order, visit

Current Departmental Subscribers for 2016-17

Department Contact
Applied and Engineering Physics Jon Velazquez (jv16)
Biomedical Engineering Newton de Faria (nd366)
Civil and Environmental Engineering Cameron Wilkins (cw17)
Chemistry and Chemical Biology Chemistry IT (
Lab for Elementary Particle Physics James Pulver (jmp242)
Lab of Ornithology Adam Mikolajczyk (ajm15)
LASSP Brenda Irvin-Bryant (bji2)
Materials Science and Engineering Victorina Conner (vc13)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Matt Ulinski (mu25)
Office of Computing and Information Science Doug McCool (dm637)


Starting with the 2015 release, National Instruments sends a single copy of the 32-bit version of LabVIEW software on a USB drive. We have archived the entire contents of that drive into a ZIP file for local distribution. After downloading the ZIP file, we recommend that you extract the files to your own portable USB drive to install software onto your department's computers. The extracted installation files will take up approximately 50GB of drive space.

Download Directly from Vendor

LabVIEW downloads are available directly from National Instruments. You will need to register an account on the vendor's website and use your LabVIEW Serial Number to complete registration.

  1. Go to:
    • New Users: At the top of that page, click Create New User Account, and follow the on-screen instructions to register your Cornell e-mail address. (The e-mail address you register must end with "".)
    • Existing Users: Log in with your existing National Instruments credentials.
  2. After your account on the vendor's site has been created and activated, go back to the vendor's website. Click the My Account link at the top of the page. 
  3. On that page, find the Software Downloads link, under the My Products & Services section. You will need to provide your LabVIEW Serial Number to proceed.
  4. From that page, you should be able to find and download any licensed LabVIEW 32-bit or 64-bit component that you need.

Local Download

In 2016, National Instruments ceased production of physical installation media. For LabVIEW 2015, the vendor had sent us the 32-bit version of LabVIEW software on a USB drive. We have archived the entire contents of that USB drive into a single ZIP file for local download. We recommend that you extract the files onto a portable USB drive and use that to install LabVIEW onto your department's computers.

For the 2014 SP1 release and earlier, National Instruments had sent us the software on DVD. ISO-format disk images of the DVD sets are available for download below.

Fall 2016 release (LabVIEW 2016) 32-bit
Fall 2015 release (LabVIEW 2015) 32-bit
Spring 2015 release (LabVIEW 2014 w/ Service Pack 1) 32-bit
Fall 2014 release (LabVIEW 2014) 32-bit
Spring 2014 release (LabVIEW 2013 w/ Service Pack 1) 32-bit

If you intend to burn your own set of DVDs from the above images, please note that any image file over 4.7 GB in size will require dual-layer DVDs.

Alternatives to Downloading

We can copy the LabVIEW 2016 (or earlier) software onto a USB drive for you. Please contact us for details.

Prior to the 2015 release, National Instruments had sent a small number of sets of the LabVIEW installation DVDs. We used to make these available to departmental licensees on a first-come, first-served basis. National Instruments no longer provides this service.

System Requirements

Please see the vendor's LabVIEW System Requirements page

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