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Use an EGA with Cornell Qualtrics

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

EGA use with Qualtrics, and the addition of EGA members to access the account, can only be requested by the EGA owner.

If you and people you work with would like to share resources in in Cornell Qualtrics, and you have an EGA (Exchange Group Account), the owner of the EGA can request that it be set up as a Qualtrics login and account.

An EGA owner who wants to use it with Qualtrics should:

  1. Look up the EGA name using the EAM (Exchange Account Manager) tool. The name begins with ga. and is not the same as the EGA's email address.
  2. Write to Cornell Identity Management and provide:
    • The EGA name
    • Their NetID
    • The NetIDs of members of the EGA who also need to be able to sign into the Qualtrics EGA account. 

Once the EGA is set up to work with Qualtrics, to sign into it:

  1. Begin the login process as usual by visiting and clicking Log In To Qualtrics.
  2. Log in through CUWebLogin with your NetID and password, and confirm using Two-Step Login if asked.
  3. You will be presented with a screen that says, CUWebLogin - Impersonation.
  4. Next to Login as:, click the option box.
    Choose the EGA from the option box
  5. Select the EGA.
  6. Click Login.

The first person who signs in using the EGA will cause a new Cornell Qualtrics account associated with the EGA to be created. Read and accept Qualtrics' terms and conditions.

Qualtrics will allow multiple simultaneous sign-ins to the EGA account. Avoid more than one person editing the survey or making other changes to settings or data at the same time, since doing so may result in changes overwriting each other or not saving properly.

If more members of the EGA should be added to the Qualtrics account, the EGA owner can request their addition by providing a list of their NetIDs to Cornell Identity Management.

The ability to sign in using the EGA will be deactivated if the user changes jobs or leaves the university.

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