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Find Resource Accounts in Exchange Account Manager

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

  1. Use your browser to visit the Exchange Account Manager at
  2. Click the Manage Resource Accounts tab.
  3. Click Search for & Manage Accounts.

Here you have two choices:

  • click My Accounts, which will display all accounts where you are the Owner, an Administrator, or have IT Staff rights


  • enter a search string and tell the tool where to search.

Each entry in the search results will have a button labeled Manage (if you have Owner, Admin, or IT Staff rights) or View (if you have lesser or no rights).

Notes on "Search By" Choices

Name Contains, Display Name Contains, Description Contains, and Email Contains

Enter any part of the field, then click Search. For example, if you enter internal and select Name Contains, the results will include all accounts where "internal" appears anywhere in the account name.


Enter the name in its entirety, including the "ga." prefix, then click Search. For example, ga.cit-glossary.


Enter an email address associated with the account, then click Search. Include the domain, for example,

Sponsor, Owner/Admin, Access, Send As, Recipient, Any Permission

Enter a NetID, select a role, then click Search. For example, entering pqs665 and selecting Sponsor will display the accounts where Phil Schmertz is listed as the sponsor.


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