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Setting a Custom "From Address": Unit Email Service

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

By default, when sending a survey invitation from the mailer inside Qualtrics, the "From Address" is You can change the From Name, which is what shows in the preview in many email apps, to anything you want. The Reply-To Address by default will be the address associated with the Cornell Qualtrics account being used. (Read more about the default From Address.)

Some units, colleges, and departments at Cornell have email addresses with a multipart domain. This means that instead of their email addresses looking like, they look like If this is true for your group and you would like to use a From Address and Reply-To Address in the Qualtrics Mailer that will deliver responses directly back to you, you need to:

  • Check with whoever supports your email system to make sure they approve setting up an address to use with Qualtrics that ends in
  • Submit a Qualtrics support request with CIT to set up inside Qualtrics the address you'd like to use.

Please also let us know who your technical contact is.


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