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Inability to Revisit Survey Responses that Use CUWebLogin as an Identifier

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

Since a change in the summer of 2021, it is possible to sign into Qualtrics through Cornell’s login system using any  combination of upper- or lower-case letters in the NetID. If a survey is capturing the NetID and using it as a way to call up an individual’s responses, it is important to type the NetID in the same format each time, for example all lower-case. There may also be cases of devices and browsers that automatically capitalize the first letter of the first word in a field or line, then remembers the NetID in that format.

If someone is trying to return to responses in a survey that uses CUWebLogin to establish a user ID, try changing the capitalization of the NetID to how it may have been entered before.


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