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Qualtrics Email to a Specific Address Keeps Failing

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

If repeated attempts to send invitations from the Qualtrics Mailer to a specific email address keep failing, it may be that Qualtrics has blocked its system from sending to that address.

Qualtrics puts this block in place when they detect messages from their system to a specific address being refused multiple times. This can happen for reasons like the recipient account being overfull, locked, or forwarding to a defunct outside email account, which itself sends a refusal message back to Qualtrics.

Qualtrics does this in order to protect the reputation of their email, because otherwise major email service providers may classify their systems as likely spammers. 

If you suspect a block like this is in place, you can put in a request with Cornell Qualtrics Support to ask Qualtrics to remove it.


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