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NetID: Mistyped NetID or Password

This article applies to: NetIDs

  • A common problem: Check the "Caps Lock" indicator on your keyboard before typing your password; if the "Caps Lock" key has been pressed, your password might not be recognized. Uppercase and lowercase letters need to be typed exactly the same way every time you use the password.
  • Retype your password slowly. It's easy to mistype a password because NetID passwords are complex and may include both uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters, and because the password is not displayed as you type it.
  • Also check that you typed your NetID exactly. NetIDs must be typed with all letters in lowercase only. 
  • Make sure that you entered a NetID (letters followed by numbers) rather than an email address or alias.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 10:24am

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