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Frequently Asked Questions About Managed AV

This article applies to: Managed AV

Does Managed AV provide Room Scheduler integration with Outlook or R25?
Managed AV integrates Crestron Room Schedulers with Outlook or R25.  The cost for this configuration is covered under the Managed AV OCC.

Will a SIP VoIP port be programmed on the Managed AV switch?
If the SIP VoIP option is ordered as part of the Managed AV system, a port for SIP VoIP will be programmed on the switch.

Does the Managed AV one-time charge (OCC) include CIT charges to activate data network ports?
The Managed AV OCC does not include the data port activation one-time charge.

Does the Managed AV OCC charge include a Work Order (WO) fee for the data port activation fees?
Although the Managed AV OCC does include the WO fee for Managed AV, it does not include the WO fee for the data port activations.

Does the Managed AV OCC include the cost of a new VLAN?
In most cases, a dedicated VLAN has already been created for your Managed AV system.  If a new VLAN is needed, there is no additional charge.

Do the One-Time Charges (OCC) and MRC for the optional SIP VoIP Integration include the activation and ongoing costs for a Soft Number?
The SIP VoIP activation is included in the SIP VoIP OCC. Also the Soft Number MRC is included in the SIP VoIP MRC.

Are data port costs included in the Managed AV Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC)?
Data port costs are replaced by the Managed AV MRC. You will not be charged for a data port MRC in addition to the Managed AV MRC.

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