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IP Voice Fees and Billing

This article applies to: IP Voice Service

See the Voice and Data Rates Catalog for a detailed listing of rates.

Monthly Charges

The rates on this page are for university departments only. Students should see information about Student Voice Service.

Telephone monthly charges offer:

  • The maintenance of a dial tone and associated functions
  • Unlimited on-campus calling
  • Long distance charges for all domestic and some international calls. Usage limits apply.
  • CIT service for the connection up to the jack
  • A CIT-provided enterprise-quality, clarity-class telephone set
  • Set replacement in the event of damage
  • A Cornell phone number
  • 911 call routing to the Cornell University police

Telephone charges do not include:

  • The one-time jack activation fee, or other installation or upgrade costs
  • Long distance charges for some international calls.
  • Voice mail (AUDIX) installation or monthly charges.

Labor Charges

Rates are for university departments only. Consulting is available by the hour for services not included in a monthly charge. Fees will be determined and time estimated before any charges are incurred.

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