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Voice and Data Rates Catalog

Voice & Data Rates Catalog

The funding model for Voice & Data has recently changed. Beginning in FY22, basic service for both Voice & Data are considered common utilities and are therefore covered by the Cost Allocation Model (CAM). As a result, voice and data requests will no longer incur one-time charges.

Because CIT provides monthly bills with a list of the active services for your department, new voice and data requests will require an account number, for tracking purposes, even when there is no cost.

RingCentral soft clients do not have monthly recurring charges. If your department has converted its phones to RingCentral, you will see monthly charges only for physical phones. Note that remaining Avaya phone sets are being phased out.

Call management and infrastructure engineering requests will be billed as time and materials (see below).

In order to effectively manage the campus IT infrastructure, CIT may reclaim data circuits if they are unused for more than 12 months. If that data connection is needed again in the future, CIT can reactivate the jack at no charge.

For new connections and requests for changes in service, department telecom coordinators and network administrators can email or call 607-255-5500, then select option 2.

Category Action Examples Cost
Voice Add New employee starts and needs Avaya or RC soft number
Create new extension for Audix bulletin board

No Charge

Move Staff changes departments and takes number
Staff swap offices, moves into vacant office
No Charge
Change Employee requests call forwarding
Employee requests voicemail
Programming Autodials, Bridged Appearances, and Busy lights
No Charge
Disconnect Employee retires or leaves university
Department removes old lines
No Charge
Call Management Department requests vector/IVR/call queue
Department needs changes to existing call management
Department requests live report to be created
Time & Materials *
Data Add Activate existing jack for new computer or VOIP data connection
Activate security camera jack
Activate time clock
No Charge
Move Move active data to new room No Charge
Change Change VLAN/subnet on jack
Create new VLAN for department
No Charge
Disconnect Disconnect data as department left office
Disconnect data as it is no longer in use
No Charge

New building construction or renovation activations
Install new wall jack
Install new jack for security camera / time clock
Provide detailed estimate for wireless / Wi-Fi

Time & Materials *
Change Scope renovation for CIT services
Pull back cables before contractor starts renovation
Time & Materials *
Remove Remove all CIT infrastructure from demolished building
Remove all CIT equipment from space, lease ending
Time & Materials *

* Time and materials rates include:


Description Cost

Operations / infrastructure support 

$77.00 / hour
Field Services / Technician $66.00 / hour
Infrastructure Engineering / Consulting $97.00 / hour

RingCentral Telephone Physical Handsets

Description Cost
Polycom VVX-250 $6.00 / month
Polycom VVX-450 $7.00 / month
Polycom VVX-450 w/ AOM $10.00 / month
Polycom Trio 8800 $23.00 / month
Yealink W76P Cordless Phone with 1 Handset $6.00 / month
Yealink W76P Cordless Phone with 2 Handsets $8.00 / month
Yealink W76P Cordless Phone with 3 Handsets $10.00 / month
Yealink W76P Cordless Phone with 4 Handsets $12.00 / month

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