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Frequently Asked Questions About Dell Warranty Hardware Repair

This article applies to: Dell Warranty Hardware Repair

General Questions

Can students, faculty, or staff use this service?
Students, faculty, or staff with a personally owned Dell computer under warranty, in need of repair, should take it to the Cornell Store, or contact Dell directly. If you are using a Cornell-owned computer, under Dell warranty, in need of repair, contact your department's IT or technical support staff to have them arrange for this service. See Terms and Conditions.

Who is my technical support provider?
If you're unsure, ask someone who provides administrative support for your department--they should know. If your department doesn't have tech support, please contact Dell for warranty service.

Does this service cover Dell servers, monitors, printers, or other products?
Not at this time. See products eligible for warranty repair in Terms and Conditions.

Questions For Technical Support Providers

How do I request service?
See the Request Warranty Service page for more information.

How do I verify if a Dell computer is under warranty?
See the Request Warranty Service page for more information.

What repairs not covered by the Dell warranty?
You can find more information about ProSupport and Basic Hardware Service warranty coverage on the Dell Support website.

Where will the repairs be completed, and is off-campus service available?
See where repairs are completed in Terms and Conditions.

How long will it take to complete repairs?
The Dell hardware technician will provide you with an estimate after the problem is diagnosed.

What if the repair is not covered under warranty?
If the technician determines that the repair is not covered under warranty, the computer will be returned to you.

What if the computer is covered, but the technician can't fix it?
If the computer can't be repaired, the technician will advise you of the process to request a replacement computer from your Dell sales representative.

Does emergency service cost extra?
Emergency warranty repair is available during standard business hours at no extra charge. Please contact CIT Support to schedule emergency warranty repairs.

I'm a Dell Certified Technician on the Cornell campus. Can I request Dell parts from CIT Support to complete repairs myself?
CIT Support will not be able to provide Dell parts to Dell Certified Technicians or TSPs.

Do I have to use this service, or can I also work with Dell?
Both options are available to you, at your discretion. We think you'll find that CIT Support's on-site warranty service is more convenient and responsive and we encourage you to contact us.

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