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Computer Hardware Repair


CIT offers on-site, next-day or sooner warranty service on both the Ithaca campus and for remote users using Cornell‑owned Dell desktop and laptop computers under hardware warranty.

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Welcome to Computer Hardware Repair 

We are located at 120 Maple Ave, Ithaca NY 

Normal Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm

Check out the Hardware Repair News public Confluence page for found solutions to known or common hardware issues. Hardware Repair News

Dell warranty hardware repair and parts quotes from the Computer Hardware Repair Team may only be requested by a department's technical support provider (TSP). Faculty and staff should contact their department TSP for help with computer problems.

TSP Responsibilities Include:

  • Initial troubleshooting to determine that warranty service is necessary.
  • Verify that the computer is eligible for warranty work.
  • Suspend BitLocker encryption before repair where applicable.
  • Back up the computer before the warranty service.
  • Restore data and reinstall software, if necessary, after the repair is complete.

Products Eligible for Warranty Repair

This service covers Dell laptop and desktop computers that are:

  • Owned by Cornell University (personally-owned computers are NOT covered)
  • Under the Dell limited hardware warranty period
  • Purchased with ProSupport or Basic Hardware Service with a minimum of at least “Next Business Day” on-site service-response level
  • Identified on the Supported Product List included in the Dell warranty purchased with the computer

Determine if a Dell Computer Is Under Warranty

Dell's Support web site has an easy-to-use online form to check if a computer is under warranty. Simply enter the computer's Service Tag number in the form.

Submit Your Request for Warranty Service

Technical support providers (TSPs) in Cornell departments or units may request warranty service by:

We require the following information to start a warranty repair request:

  • TSP's name, NetID, and phone number
  • Customer's name and phone number
  • Primary contact for repair (TSP or customer)
  • Dell computer model
  • Dell Service Tag number for the computer
  • Warranty date
  • Location of the computer, including the building and room number
  • Description of the problem
  • Photos of any on-screen error or diagnostics errors. Any visible damage. If an LCD is broken or defective, a picture that shows the entire screen (all 4 corners) in one photo. For Track\Touch Pad and Keyboard issues, Dell requires a photo of the entire palm rest. Photos help us expedite repair requests with Dell.
  • Type of repair requested
  • Summary of troubleshooting steps already performed
  • Whether the BIOS has been updated to the latest version
  • Whether the latest driver relevant to the component in question has been installed

Once we receive the request, a Computer Hardware Repair Team Technician will asses the problem and determine the next steps.

  • If appropriate troubleshooting, necessary photos, and warranty information is complete and valid the Computer Hardware Repair Team Technician will contact the TSP to schedule the warranty repair.
  • If the technician determines that the repair is not covered under warranty, the computer will be returned to you and a quote can be requested from Dell for a paid parts repair.
  • Tickets will be handled as they are received (FIFO).
  • Cornell leadership can escalate tickets as required.

Non-Warranty Repairs and Parts requests

In the event you have a Dell computer that has damage, issues not covered by the warranty, or you need a part upgrade the Hardware Repair Team can request a parts quote from Dell. These parts will be at a cost to the unit. 

  • Quotes received from Dell will be sent back through TDX to the Non-Warranty Parts request ticket submitted by TSPs. See Button on this page for form.
  • Dell parts quotes can be retrieved from the Dell Punch-out inside E-shop, added to your cart, and purchased with a departmental account number.
  • You can choose to have them shipped to you or shipped to the Hardware Repair Team Office location at 120 Maple Ave. (Building Code:3010B) for install.
  • If you choose to have the Computer Hardware Repair Team install non-warranty parts or part upgrades there is a $70.00 per hour charge 1 hour minimum. We will need a departmental account number to bill.

Where Repairs are Completed

Computer Hardware repair can be performed by Cornell's Computer Hardware Repair Team at 120 Maple Ave. Customers can also request an in-person repair at their campus address. We request enough space to set up for the repair. We can also come and pick up equipment to repair back at our office location if you don't have room or want our team to do the repair at your office.

Services must be scheduled in advance using the supplied Bookings link sent from the technician assigned the ticket. 

For customers outside the Ithaca area, The Computer Hardware Repair Team can request a Dell repair dispatch to a customer's home.

In addition, please follow these guidelines for scheduling onsite hardware repairs:

  • All repairs must be scheduled with the Hardware Repair Technicians, who will send a Bookings link for easy scheduling.
  • For services that are performed at 120 Maple Avenue, Ithaca, NY: ParkMobile paid parking is enabled for the parking lot.
Cornell and Dell are not responsible for any loss of data or installed software. For details on the TSP's role in repairing hardware, see TSP Responsibilities.

Support Contact:

Cornell IT Service Desk

Normal Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm (Eastern Time)
Emergency Service Disruptions: After Hours Support


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