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Faculty/Staff Email Account Size Limits

This article applies to: Email for Faculty and Staff

All faculty/staff Office 365 accounts have a 100 GB of mailbox storage. The vendor does not accept requests for larger mailboxes.

How Full is My Mailbox?

Outlook 2016 for Windows: Click the File tab in the ribbon. With Info selected in the column on the left, look in the section labeled Mailbox Cleanup. You'll see something like "X GB free of 99.5 GB."

Outlook 2016 for Mac: Click on your account name (listed just under Inbox in the left column). From the File menu, select Folder, then Properties. In the dialog box that opens, click Storage. Wait a moment while Outlook calculates the size of each of your folders. The number you want to check is the line above the table of folders, labeled Total Size (with subfolders). This shows how much storage you are using.

Outlook on the Web: Click the gear icon, then, under Your app settings, click Mail. In the left column, under General, click My account. You'll see a section labeled Mailbox usage that shows space used and space free.

Attachments are limited to a total of 25MB per message. Please note that the process of attaching a file to an email message increases the size of the attachment, so if your attachment is almost 25MB, it may not successfully attach. See our Attachments Not Getting Through article for ways to work around this limitation.

A message can be addressed to a maximum of 300 addresses (To, Cc, and Bcc combined). If you need to send to a broader audience, consider an e-list or Cornell's Bulkmail service.

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