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Technical FAQ for EZ-Backup

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

Can I use the same nodename for more than one machine?

No. (It is technically possible but neither CIT nor the vendor supports it.)

Is it possible to back up a computer with a dynamic IP address?

Yes. The EZ-Backup software is not dependent on the IP address of the client system. It uses a "nodename" and "password" scheme to authenticate the client system, not the IP address. Therefore, your computer can be backed up from anywhere, as long as you have a network connection (either over a LAN or a modem) and a valid IP address.

Do I need Kerberos running for the EZ-Backup software to work?

No, EZ-Backup does not rely on Kerberos. The EZ-Backup software uses a "Kerberos-like", two-way authentication process. There is a unique password that goes with each EZ-Backup node name. Access to stored files is also password protected. Only the EZ-Backup software use this nodename/password scheme. Your Kerberos password is a separate process.

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