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Enterprise Content Management

Perceptive Software-based ECM

The Enterprise Content Management service provides a process of managing the entire lifecycle of an organization's content, including forms, documents, spreadsheets, contracts, and images. The goal of the ECM solution is to reduce risk and improve productivity, efficiency, and customer experience by eliminating paper-based tasks and enhancing process visibility. The ECM service is not reliant on a single technology or process. It is an umbrella term that describes the combination of methods, tools, and strategies that support capturing and managing content, as well as the storage, preservation, and delivery of information. The two applications that provide the ECM service are Perceptive Content and NextGen Dynamic Forms. 

Perceptive Content provides a platform for lifecycle document management that enhances information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration, and secures content in all its forms. These functions are essential as organizations seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge, and reduce risk.

  • Ability to dramatically reduce usage of paper
  • Digitize, search, and retrieve documents
  • Robust workflow for approvals and processing
  • Automated document retention policies 
  • Granular security 
  • Library services for checkin and checkout, revision history
  • Integrates with CU system of record (PeopleSoft, KFS)

NextGen Dynamic Forms provides a simple way for non-technical users to take any paper-based form and quickly build a sophisticated interactive, electronic form. This secure, state-of-the-art form solution provides users with:

  • Drag-and-drop form creation
  • User friendly admin panel for tracking submissions
  • e-signatures
  • Signature workflow
  • Conditional form logic
  • Data integrations with systems across the university, such as PeopleSoft and KFS
  • Secure content handling approved for high-risk data

NextGen Dynamic Forms also integrates seamlessly with other Enterprise Content Management tools like Perceptive Content for advanced document handling and automation. 

To request a new ECM solution, please email ECM Support to start the formal intake process. 

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