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Enterprise Content Management

Perceptive Software-based ECM

Cornell's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service provides a central service for document storage, workflow automation, processing, archiving, and retention. Licensing and hosting for the service are centrally funded, with design and implementation guided and funded by units as they utilize the service.

As part of a complete process and content management framework, Cornell ECM enhances information accessibility, promotes organized collaboration and secures content in all its forms. These functions are essential as organizations seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk.

Cornell’s ECM service provides users with:

  • Custom content management design from the beginning.
  • Granular security (the ability to assign many levels of access to content with varying levels of permissions).
  • Flexible, solution-oriented organization.
  • Powerful, adaptable search.
  • Library services for checkin and checkout, revision history, and more.
  • Ongoing technical training and support.

To request a new ECM solution, please email to start the formal intake process. 

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