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Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Understanding Information Security and Data Handling

  • Learn how to search your computer for sensitive data classified as confidential by the university

  • Regularly monitor data cleanup efforts

  • Follow departmental guidelines for data cleanup scheduling

With identity theft due to the loss of online data a major concern these days, Cornell needs to protect sensitive data stored in electronic form, particularly the personal information that students, employees, and others associated with the university have placed under our trust.

Why Data Security is Important to Cornell 

Motivation for creating and following business practices to protect confidential data.

Your Role in Data Security

Explanation of the individual responsibility for keeping confidential data secure. 

University Data Cleanup and Inventory Initiative 

Overview of the data cleanup initiative guidelines.

What is Confidential Data 

Definition of confidential data and some questions to help you start identifying it on your machines.

How to Scan 

The steps you'll follow to identify and handle confidential data on your machines.

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Understanding Information Security and Data Handling

Regulated Data:

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