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Your Role in Data Security

This article applies to: Data Discovery

Accepting individual responsibility for the university information entrusted to your care is essential. Data security is a problem that cannot be solved by technology. 

If you work with highly sensitive information about other people, especially data classified as confidential under university policy, you must take steps to ensure that it cannot be obtained by unauthorized parties. 

When you work with confidential data, you computer has to be well secured and you may also be required to encrypt the data. Once you no longer need this data, it should be removed from your computer – delete it or move it to an archive location. This is analogous to working with sensitive paper files. You keep them in a locked drawer, not just lying on your desk. When you no longer need the files, you shred them or put them in storage. 

Your IT support staff can assist you in securing your computer, but you still need to take care in how you handle confidential data, and it is your responsibility to do so.

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