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Update 2022-08-29: Supporting the AWS Upgrade

Cority project update

This article applies to: Cority

Support for the Cority AWS (Amazon Web Services) upgrade is one of the Stage 3 sub-projects for Cornell’s Cority implementation. Cority will be undertaking this upgrade for all its software-as-a-service customers in order to:

  • Modernize the infrastructure that Cority runs on
  • Improve the system’s resilience and fault tolerance
  • Enhance security through access to security controls and management tools available in AWS
  • Increase Cority’s performance and ability to scale to meet demand

There will be no impact to application functionality, URLs, or the user interface. The transition to AWS is designed to have no changes that are visible to users. See Cority AWS frequently asked questions for more information.

The timing of the AWS upgrade for Cornell is: By September 2: Request a refresh of Cornell’s Cority test instance September 3: Cority will migrate Cornell’s test instance to AWS September 6-12: Cornell will engage in testing in the test instance  September 17: Cority will migrate Cornell’s production and "demo"/pre-production instances to AWS 

Other Cority clients have migrated to AWS ahead of Cornell and have generally seen few issues other than a common recommendation to "completely clear cache, cookies and browsing history" for Chrome and other browsers built on the same platform, like Microsoft Edge. 


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