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Update 2022-03-10: Cority Stage 2 Launched, Stage 3 Gearing Up

Cority project update

This article applies to: Cority

The second stage of the Cority Environmental Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) software service has gone live for Cornell. This launch brings the Audits & Inspections and Compliance Management modules of Cority's Safety Suite to the university.  

Cornell Environmental Health and Safety has been using the modules since they went live. Some initial post-launch cleanup occurred, but there have been no major problems during the period of HyperCare extended support from Cority, which was available from the February 25, 2022, go-live date until March 11. All other plans detailed in the previous update, Cority Stage 2 Goes Live February 25, 2022, have been accomplished. 

The project is now turning to its third and final planned stage. There are three areas of work that will be covered in Stage 3. 

Cornell Research Safety will use Cority selectively in areas for which there is a sufficient fit between what the existing Cority service can do and what Cornell needs.  

The main Research Safety legacy systems continue to be used, while an eye is kept on Cority’s readiness to take over tasks handled by the legacy systems. The evolution of our own university processes may also over time reduce the gap between what Cornell needs and Cority can deliver.  

“Fit-gap” analysis will be conducted for Research Safety to create a foundation for this work. Both the Cority and Cornell sides of the equation will be evaluated and turn up:  

  • Deficiencies in product 
  • Lack of readiness arising from quality of data 
  • Concerns about stability of systems 
  • Assessment of process maturity using Cority 
  • Issues due to resource availability 

Cority “gaps” identified by this analysis will be provided to the vendor. They will outline why certain components of Cority will not be implemented at this time, and where appropriate, indicate why development in some areas of the product is required to address needs across the higher education market, and therefore essential in a tool seeking to serve that market. 

Re-implementing Cority Industrial Hygiene (IH) Suite. The Statement of Work with Cority to re-implement IH is nearing completion. Approximately four weeks after it is approved, our final implementation project will begin.  Early estimates target mid-2023 to implement Industrial Hygiene. 

Future Considerations Document. Over the course of the project, certain desirable functionality not delivered in prior stages has been identified and declared out of scope.  All of these desired outcomes will be collected into a single “Future Considerations” document which will be used as part of an end-of-Stage-3 checkpoint.  At this checkpoint, we will  re-assess and update the readiness for each scope area to inform a potential “Stage 4 change order”. 


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