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Update 2023-06-28: Shape Phase and Workshop 2 Complete, Design Tracking Log 2 Created, Refining Industrial Hygiene

This article applies to: Cority

The Shape phase for Cornell/Cority Industrial Hygiene (IH) implementation (Stage 3 of the project) has concluded and activities have begun for the next phase: Refine.

Refine is Cority’s Build phase, which begins with Workshop 2 (WS2). The project’s lead Cority solutions consultant guided the Cornell team through a second series of half-day sessions in June. As with the Shape phase’s Workshop 1, these sessions included subject matter experts from Cornell Health Occupational Medicine and EHS Industrial Hygiene. They reviewed the initial Shape phase configurations in each of the modules within Cority’s IH and Occupational Health suites to determine if and how they could be refined to better meet Cornell’s business needs.  All new decisions and action items related to these refined configurations are captured in the Cority Design Tracking Log (DTL) module, which becomes the specification from which the product is reconfigured and then is tested after Cornell signs off.

At the conclusion of the second round of configurations, the Refine phase will be considered complete, and the project will proceed to the Confirm (testing) phase. The team will test the system to uncover any issues and report them to Cority for resolution.  Decisions for confirmed configurations and new action items will be captured and approved in Design Tracking Log 3 (DTL3).  DTL3 in turn becomes the basis for what is ultimately implemented. System testing is currently planned for early August 2023, followed by training, user acceptance testing and go-live activities. The date for go-live is now planned for early November 2023, as the project worked out a change order with Cority so that the team could take extra time during the Shape phase to work through details in the Respirator Protection Program.


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