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Get Started with Box Drive

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The vendor's documentation recommends that you not run Box Drive and Box Sync on the same machine. Both the vendor's installer and the Cornell Managed Desktop installer will walk you through uninstalling Box Sync while installing Box Drive.

If you already had Box Drive installed, you do not need to follow the install steps below. It will update automatically to include the new features.

Box Sync and Box Drive are two separate desktop applications that give you the ability to access Box content from your desktop environment. We recommend Box Drive, which is better supported by Box, has similar features, and is more efficient with disk space and network bandwidth. The vendor's Switching from Box Sync to Box Drive page includes a feature comparison.

Installing Box Drive

  • Managed Desktop users on Mac: Select Self-Service, Optional Software, then Box Drive.
  • Managed Desktop user on Windows: Select Software Center, Applications, then Box Drive
  • For unmanaged devices, see the vendor's Installing and Updating Box Drive page.
    If you are not sure if your device is managed, check with local technical support before installing anything.

Installation is quite fast. If you have Box Sync installed, the installer will walk you through uninstalling Sync. The vendor's Uninstalling Box Sync page includes screenshots of the process.

A Log In screen will open when the app is installed.

  1. On the Box Login screen, select Use Single Sign On (SSO).
  2. Enter your address, then click Log In. You'll see the CUWebLogin screen.
  3. Log in with your NetID and associated password. You may also see Cornell's Two-Step Login prompt.

After a short delay (perhaps a minute), a new Box desktop shortcut will appear and a Welcome to Box window will open.

The vendor's online documentation for Box Drive is quite good. The right sidebar includes many useful links, including how to install Box Drive.


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