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Remote-assistance tool

Bomgar is Cornell's "Remote Assistance" tool. Remote assistance allows a Cornell technical support provider (TSP) to access an end-user's computer in order to resolve a problem without having to talk the user through often elaborate or confusing procedures on the phone or carry out an onsite visit.

Bomgar allows TSPs to share a user's view of their screen, transfer files, view information about system configuration, and carry out other activities in order to support the computer. By default, Bomgar is configured to require user consent before each type of access is granted.

Applications similar to Bomgar include GotoAssist, LogMeIn or Teamviewer. Bomgar is not comparable to Windows Remote Desktop (RDP). With RDP, a TSP accesses a computer via a separate user context than the end-user and does not see their screen. Bomgar is more like Windows Remote Assistance or VNC, where the the TSP actually acts as the user and views the same screen that the user is viewing.

Service Details

Bomgar is a remote assistance tool. It allows a Cornell technical support provider (or TSP) to access an end-user's computer to resolve a problem without the need for an on-site visit.

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