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Blog Fees

Costs vary for different levels of support. 

This article applies to: Blogs

Effective July 1, 2016, the Cornell Blog Service will offer new tiers of service designed to more flexibly meet the needs of different user groups.

These tiers are the outcome of extensive discussions among the campus IT@Cornell leadership and service managers for the blog service. They are intended to address concerns raised last summer about the differing requirements and support needs for blogs at Cornell.

Self-Service Blogs with Default Domain Name: No Fee

Blogs that use the standard URL of and that do not require central support beyond base-level* will continue to be no-fee.

*See Support for details about what base-level support includes.

In addition the the documentation on this site, the vendor, CampusPress, maintains extensive documentation at: 

For course-related blogs, support is available from Academic Technologies.

Blogs/Websites with Custom Domain Name: $100/year

Blogs that use a custom URL, such as, will be billed an annual $100 fee (the equivalent of a little under $8.50 per month).

On average, support needs (for example, questions about using custom themes, plugins, and widgets), performance expectations, and resource allocation are higher for sites that use a custom domain. The fee covers that level of support. Although we recognize needs vary among custom-domain sites, after much examination, this approach is the closest possible fit for university expectations and overall resource demands for this service.

The annual $100 fee for blog sites with a custom domain includes all of the no-cost support, along with implementing the SSL Certificate, DNS change request, resolving domain name issues and any problems relating to use of provided themes, plugins, and widgets.  The fee does not include custom development of themes; however, Custom Web Development does offer these for-fee services.

Unit-Managed Blog Network Arranged through Vendor Subcontract: Vendor-negotiated Fee

Some colleges or departments have many blogs and want to have their own dashboard, select which plugins and themes are available, and take advantage of economies of scale. Subcontracting with the vendor, CampusPress, can be a good option in these cases.

Costs are negotiated with the vendor. In general, the base cost is $2,000 per year, plus the unit’s staff time to manage and support the network. The unit provides all support for its blogs. The cost of the subcontract is tied to Cornell’s existing agreement with CampusPress. To request more information, contact

Any Blog: Optional Fees for Customization

Cornell’s Custom Web Development team may be hired for-fee to assist with customization of any blog in the service, regardless of its tier. To obtain a quote, contact

Please contact with any questions or concerns about the Cornell Blog Service.

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