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Add and Remove Blog Users

Customize how other people contribute to your blog. 

This article applies to: Blogs

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If you are using CU Blog's Enhanced Class Feature, your Class Blog will not have a Users tool. Instead, you'll have a Class tool, where you can add/delete either students or instructors. If you need to control the roles of users, contact CUBlogs.


Roles define the scope of functions a user can do. Roles (in decreasing level of responsibility) include:

  • Administrator: Can do everything.
  • Editor: Publish/manage their own or other people's posts and pages. Moderate comments. Upload files.
  • Author: Publish their own posts. Upload files.
  • Contributor: Write, but not publish, their own posts. (Their posts must be published by an administrator or editor.)
  • Subscriber: Read posts and read/write comments.

For more information about user roles, see User Role Review.

While temporary staff can create and contribute to sites, administration and other essential roles should always be assigned to someone remaining on the effort when the temporary assignment is concluding.

Add Users to Your Blog

Users must log into the blog service using the Cornell NetID and NetID password before you add them to your blog. Click Log in on the CU Blog Service home page. If they do not log in once before you add them as a user, their account will not be set up properly and they will be unable to log in. Note: Users just need to log into the blog service one time to have a proper account set up. They do not need to log into your specific blog.
  1. Click Users.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter the NetID for the person you want to add.
  4. Select a Role. For more information about user roles, see User Role Review.
  5. Always click Add Existing User. ""

Remove a User

Important: If you want a user's posts and links to remain on your blog under their name after they are removed, do not remove them yourself. Instead, send email to Include: the blog title and user(s) you want to remove, as well as a note that you want their content to remain on the blog under their name.

  1. Click Users.
  2. Click All Users.
  3. Hover over the Username for the person you want to remove, and then click Remove. ""
  4. On the next screen, click Confirm Removal. ""

Change a User's Role

  1. Click Users.
  2. Click All Users.
  3. Select the Username for the person you want to change.
  4. Select the new Role from the list.
  5. Click Change. ""


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