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Audio-Visual Standards

This article applies to: Audio-Visual Installation

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Cornell's audio-visual standards are a set of documents, underlying services, and processes that allow colleges, units, and construction projects to produce consistent classroom and conference room technology experiences in support of teaching and learning activities.

The documents range from a benchmark report, to use case-based planning documents, to buildable system design and control code.

Audio-visual Standards

Audio-visual Standards Functionality & Price Comparison

AV system designs to facilitate the selection and implementation of audio-visual technology, based on teaching and learning and other communications activities.

Audio-visual Technology Matrix

A one-page representation of AV space functionality.

Key Design Documents

Equipment Basis of Design

The equipment basis of design specifies product lines that are known to meet requirements at desired quality levels, and will interface with the video architecture. The university may also have preferred pricing in place.

Design & Construction Standards

View the Cornell Facilities and Campus Services (FCS) 2018 Design and Construction Standards 

Standards commonly used in audio-visual projects:

System Designs

These documents provide schematic level designs and equipment lists for building each room type. The designs are generalized to account for various room conditions, sizes, and geometries.

Full Distance Learning Classroom & Meeting Room

Standard Classroom

In-Person Only Classroom

Conference Rooms & Private Office

Infrastructure Reference Drawings

Cornell Control Code & User Interface

For Cornell University use, standard control code and user interface are available for previous Type 100 and 200 rooms. The code is configurable and extensible for common and emerging features.

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Reference Guide for the Purchase of Teaching Stations and Lecterns

This document is meant to assist the decision maker when purchasing teaching stations and lecterns at Cornell University. The document provides information on design and selection considerations of Universal Design and ADA and technical and functional requirements.

Wi-Fi / RF Spectrum Use Guidelines

This document is intended to provide information about Wi-Fi and other RF technologies and standards, and to outline recommendations and best practices for deploying wireless technologies on campus: Wi-Fi / RF Spectrum Use Guidelines at Cornell University.

Other Audio-visual Services


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