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AV Installation

AV Installation

Providing AV solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus

AV Installation supports classrooms, conference rooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus through standards development and application, vendor management, and an enterprise technology infrastructure and platform. Using a mix of FTE and external vendors, the service enables colleges and units to design, build, and manage integrated AV/IT technologies in their physical spaces.

Contact us to:

  • Learn about new products and technologies being adopted in classrooms, research facilities, and conference rooms.
  • Get advice on selecting and purchasing audio-visual equipment for presentation and collaboration purposes.
  • Learn more about AV Infrastructure, CIT's solution that supports audio-visual in classrooms and conference rooms
  • Identify local audio-visual resources and contacts in colleges/units.
  • Get advice on technology integration in a new building or room renovation to enhance learning and/or conduct video conferencing.
  • Hire a consultant to design computer/audio/video systems for class and meeting rooms.
  • Get training and/or corrective solutions for difficult audio/visual systems.
  • Learn about classroom technology design guidelines and best practices.

Collaboration Options

  • Video and Web Conferencing
  • Video (web) streaming
  • Digital signage systems
  • Video distribution (send or receive high quality audio/video to or from a facility)

For more information, contact:

Campus Partners

Cornell Procurement Services has negotiated contracts with the following suppliers to provide equipment and supplies from specific manufacturers. 

  • Audio Video Corporation
  • Dobil Laboratories, Inc.
  • Presentation Source
  • Sensory Technologies

Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services maintain Cornell Design Standards related to infrastructure supporting integrated AV systems.

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