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Audio-Visual Installation

Audio-Visual Installation

Providing AV solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus

CIT's Audio-visual (AV) Installation service installs AV technology into conference rooms, offices, classrooms, auditoria, and other spaces on campus. In learning spaces, this technology enables in-person instruction, hybrid modalities, and remote presenters and participants. Out of the classroom, this same technology allows for collaboration among colleagues around the world and enables mobile and hybrid work.

Contact us to:

  • Request a free 2-hour project consult.
  • Develop a budget estimate for enabling mobile and hybrid work in your office spaces.
  • Request a detailed estimate and project timeline to update the technology in your classroom, office or conference room.
  • Learn about new products and technologies being adopted in classrooms, research facilities, and conference rooms.

For more information, contact us at

Campus Partners

Cornell Procurement Services has negotiated contracts with the following suppliers to provide equipment and supplies from specific manufacturers. 

  • Audio-Video Corporation
  • Dobil Laboratories, Inc.
  • Solutionz
  • Diversified

Cornell University Facilities and Campus Services maintain Cornell Design Standards related to infrastructure supporting integrated AV systems.

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