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Enable Annotation of Shared Content in a Zoom Meeting

This article applies to: Zoom

In the interests of Zoom meeting security, annotations are disabled for Cornell Zoom meetings by default.

To enable annotations for your Zoom meetings:

  1. Log in to your Cornell Zoom account (, then click Settings.
  2. Under In Meeting (Basic), scroll down to the Annotation option.

  3. Click the gray slider button to the right of Annotation to enable it. The slider will turn blue when enabled.
  4. When Annotation is enabled, two additional options appear. They determine who can annotate a shared screen and whether meeting participants can save annotated screens:
    • Allow saving of shared screens with annotations
      To allow meeting participants to save annotated shared screens, click this checkbox, then click Save when asked to confirm.
    • Only the user who is sharing can annotate
      Do not select this option, as it will prevent the Zoom Room (which is a participant) from being able to make annotations.

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Friday, January 29, 2021 - 1:25pm

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