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Who I Am

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Manage your Mail & Directory Settings with Ease

Who I Am is a web-based service used by members of the Cornell community to activate their email accounts, control mail forwarding, and update directory information (phone, addresses, etc.).

Who I Am is available to members of the Cornell community who have a valid NetID.

For more information or to use Who I Am, visit:

Who I Am allows you to maintain two sets of information:

You MUST use Who I Am to set your mail routing. University administrative units use this information to deliver federally-mandated communications.

Electronic Directory Tab

The information you enter on this tab is included in the online Cornell Directory. All fields are optional.

Off-Campus Work Address should only be used for work sites other than the buildings listed under Campus Address. Do not enter your home address here, even if you work from home.

Nickname: If your name is Richard or Margaret but everyone calls you Dick or Peg, selecting the appropriate nickname from the drop-down list allows people to enter Dick or Peg when they search for you in the Cornell Electronic Directory. We recommend that everyone who is not generally known by their formal names indicate a nickname. If your nickname does not appear on this list, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Specifying a nickname does not affect the addressing or delivery of mail. Its only use is to allow people to find you more easily in the Electronic Directory.

Email Tab

Using Who I Am to set up email delivery is like telling the post office to forward your mail to a new address.

When an email message is addressed to a particular (or address, Cornell’s mail systems use your Who I Am information to deliver it where you want it. This may be your Exchange account (the most common choice for faculty and staff), your Cmail account (the most common choice for students), or another destination, such as a Gmail or Hotmail address. You can specify multiple locations if that's useful for you.

By setting an email account in Who I Am and encouraging your correspondents to address email to you at (or you ensure that your email will always "find" you. If the address where you receive email changes, you can simply update Who I Am; your correspondents can continue to send messages to you at

What if I don’t use or as my email address?

Your Who I Am settings affect messages addressed to and addresses only.

If you use an email address other than or (for example, a computer science or engineering email address), you should enter that address in Who I Am so that any messages sent to your NetID address will be forwarded to the address you use.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

Not applicable or information not available.

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