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Who I Am

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Manage Email and Directory Settings

Who I Am is a web-based service used by members of the Cornell community to activate email accounts, set an email alias, update selected directory information, and active a password management service.

Who I Am is available to members of the Cornell community who have a valid NetID.

For more information or to use Who I Am, visit:

Who I Am allows you to maintain information on:

Electronic Directory Tab

Information you enter on this tab is displayed in the online Cornell Electronic Directory. All fields are optional.

  • Campus Address
    Students and those with affiliate or sponsored NetIDs can update campus addresses here. 

    Employees’ campus addresses are now maintained by Cornell Human Resources directly in Workday and cannot be updated using Who I Am. If you are an employee and your campus address is incorrect in the Cornell Electronic Directory, contact your local Human Resources representative to have an update made in Workday for you.

  • Off-Campus Work Address
    Do not enter your home address here, even if you work from home. This should only be used for a work sites not the site listed as your Campus Address. 

  • Published Email Address
    Use this field to share your email address in the Cornell Electronic Directory. It defaults to your address. If you have a departmental Cornell email address or if you have deactivated your Cornell email and use a different email account, publish that email address here.

  • Personal Details
    Add your current project and web site here.

    You can also add a Nickname here. 
    If your name is, for example, Robert or Margaret, but everyone calls you Bob or Peg, selecting the appropriate nickname from the dropdown list. This allows people to use Bob or Peg when they search for you in the Cornell Electronic Directory. This is particularly useful if you are not generally known by your formal name. If your nickname does not appear on the dropdown list, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance. Specifying a nickname will not affect the addressing or delivery of mail; its purpose is to allow people to find you more easily in the Electronic Directory.

Alumni who wish to update their info in the Cornell Alumni Directory should access the Alumni Directory page.

Email Tab

  • Optional Email Alias
    If you are Cornell faculty, staff, or a trustee, you can set up an email alias that allows you to have mail sent to a custom Cornell email address based on your name (rather than being limited to the usual letters and numbers of your NetID). Click the Select an email alias link to start the process of creating an appropriate alias.

    After you have created an optional alias email address:
    • You can use the choices under the heading Office 365 primary email address to switch between the address used as your Cornell return address. This setting will have no effect on G Suite (formerly Cmail) or departmental email systems; and
    • You should update the Cornell Electronic Directory (under Published Email Address) and any other resources that will send you email (such as E-Lists and other email lists, or social media platforms) to the alias address.

About the Name that Appears in the "From" Field of Email You Send

You can specify the first and last names that appear in the “From” field of email you send.

  • Faculty and Staff
    Make this change in Workday. Go to the Personal Information section, then edit the Preferred Name field.
  • Students
    Make this change in Student Essentials, in the Personal section, by clicking Update Preferred First Name.

LastPass Tab

Use this screen to activate your Cornell-sponsored LastPass account. LastPass is a secure password management service. Coordinating individualized passwords using a service such as LastPass is highly recommended to protect your online resources.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

Not applicable or information not available.

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