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TeamDynamix Terminology

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TeamDynamix Basics

  • Cornell has a licensing agreement for a single instance of TeamDynamix (TDX).
  • Cornell’s instance of TDX is a private cloud instance.
    • We don’t share databases with other TDX customers.
  • We also contract for the vanity domain name option.
  • We have created in Cornell’s domain name service.
  • The current version of TDX is 10.3. Version 11 is expected to be released in Q4 2019.

What’s Inside a TeamDynamix Private Cloud

  • System Administrator access is in TDAdmin.

  • Support user (technician) access is in TDNext.
  • Customer self-service access is in the Client Portal.
    • Portal users can be authenticated or unauthenticated.
  • System-wide settings like Security Roles, Locations, People, and Departments.
  • There is a system-wide Service Catalog, Knowledge Baseand Client Portal.
    • This will change in version 11.
  • TDXApplications.

What’s a TeamDynamix Application

  • An application is a separate “bucket” within TDX that can have its own purpose, forms, services, security permissions, ticket types, etc. It’s analogous to what we use Companies for in Remedy.
  • There are two basic types of applications: Ticketing and Asset.
  • Ticketing can include service requests, incidents, major incidents, problems, changes ,and releases – these are called ticket classifications.
  • Multiple ticketing applications can link to the same asset application.

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