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Install Autodesk Software

This article applies to: Software Licensing

Install via Autodesk Educational Licensing (Students, Instructors, and IT Providers)

The Autodesk Educational License is available to Cornell University students and instructors (including all faculty). Technical Support Providers who directly support students, instructors, or the educational mission of Cornell University are also eligible for Educational Licensing. This license can be used to install Autodesk products onto a personally-owned or a Cornell-owned computer. Autodesk educationally-licensed products are fully functional with no watermarking on drawings.

  1. Go to the Autodesk Free Educational Software page. (Link goes to Autodesk.)
  2. Click either the College & University Students link (students) or the College & University Educators link (instructors) on that page, depending on your status at Cornell.
  3. Find the Autodesk application you wish to install, and click the appropriate link.
  4. You will need to sign in with a registered Cornell University e-mail address to access the software.
  5. If you have previously downloaded software from Autodesk, click the Sign In button and sign in with your registered Autodesk account and password.
    If you have not previously downloaded software from Autodesk, click the Create Account button. You will need to register your Cornell University email address. (
  6. After you have signed in with you Autodesk account, you will be able to download an installer for the product you selected.
  7. Run the installer.
  8. Autodesk will send you a Product Key and Serial Number via e-mail for the product you selected. You will be prompted to enter the information provided in that e-mail.
  9. After verification of the Product Key and Serial Number, the installer will run for several minutes to two hours, depending on the product, your computer, and your Internet connection speed. The installer will provide you with an estimated time remaining.
  10. After the installer completes, launch the product. (Note: Some Autodesk products launch themselves automatically after installation, while others require you to double-click on the software icon on your computer's desktop.) It may take several minutes for the product to launch for the first time.

Your Autodesk product should now be installed and ready for use.

Install via Cornell Institutional Licensing (Non-Instructional Staff)

Autodesk has generously granted Cornell University a unique gift-in-kind that provides the products available via Autodesk Educational Licensing for Cornell institutional use. Because of the unique nature of this gift, Autodesk's Educational Licensing page does not take into account registration of non-instructional users. Consequently, non-instructional users must download and install Autodesk software via the commercial trial license page.

  1. Go to the Autodesk Free Trials page. (Link goes to Autodesk.)
  2. Find the product you wish to install from the list and click the link.
  3. Enter your Cornell e-mail address in the "Email Address" field, and click the Download Now button.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, and click Continue.
  5. Save the installer on your computer.
  6. After the installer launches, you should see an Autodesk registration page. Please use the information provided on the following Autodesk configuration information pages, depending on the version of the Autodesk product you need:
  7. Let the installer run. Depending on the product you are installing, the installer may require a system restart and may take more than an hour to complete.
  8. After installation is complete, launch the Autodesk software you installed. It may take several minutes for the software to launch for the first time.
    (Some products will launch automatically after installation.)

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