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Autodesk Licensing

This article applies to: Software Licensing

Autodesk is a provider of 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software.

“Autodesk for Education” is Autodesk’s own educational licensing program, open to students and instructors at accredited secondary and post-secondary schools in North America and many countries across the world. This program offers nearly all of Autodesk’s software products for free when used for education, instruction, and noncommercial academic research. Students, instructors, researchers, and their IT support staff can obtain free educational licensing directly from Autodesk.

Autodesk is no longer extending the Autodesk for Education Program for Cornell personnel who are not educational or instructional users. CIT is currently negotiating a new paid licensing agreement for Cornell facilities, administrative, and commercial research use. CIT will make details about and pricing for non-instructional Autodesk licensing available once an agreement has been reached.


Students and Instructors

Students, faculty, and any other Cornell instructor can use Autodesk software on their Cornell-owned or personally-owned computers through Autodesk Educational Licensing.

Non-Instructional Staff

Non-instructional staff who are providing support for educational, instructional, and noncommercial research use of Autodesk software can be considered instructional users under the “Autodesk for Education” program. Other non-instructional use will require paid licensing once our contract is finalized. If you have an immediate need to use Autodesk software before then, please contact CIT.

Get a License

Students and Instructors

Cornell faculty, instructors, and currently-registered Cornell students can register with the vendor to obtain free educational licensing for nearly any Autodesk product:

Autodesk Free Educational Software (link goes to Autodesk)

Non-Instructional Staff

If you need to use Autodesk software before our contract for non-instructional usage is in place, please contact CIT.

Download & Installation

Products licensed through the Autodesk for Education program are available for direct download from the manufacturer’s website. For step-by-step download and installation instructions, please see How To Install Autodesk Software

Non-instructional users who need to install Autodesk products at this time should contact CIT for options.

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