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Autodesk Licensing

This article applies to: Software Licensing

Autodesk is a provider of 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software.

Autodesk Educational Licensing provides free access to nearly all of its products to students and instructors at accredited secondary and post-secondary schools. All Cornell University students, faculty, and academic staff with an instructional role can obtain Autodesk software on their personally-owned or Cornell-owned computers free of charge, directly from Autodesk.

Autodesk has also generously granted Cornell University with a unique gift in kind that allows institutional use of the same suite of products on university-owned computers.


Students and Instructors

Students, faculty, and any other Cornell instructor can use Autodesk software on their Cornell-owned or personally-owned computers through Autodesk Educational Licensing.

Non-Instructional Staff

Non-instructional staff can install Autodesk software onto Cornell-owned computers for Cornell institutional use.

Get a License

Students and Instructors

Cornell faculty, instructors, and currently-registered Cornell students can register with the vendor to obtain free educational licensing for nearly any Autodesk product:

Autodesk Free Educational Software (link goes to Autodesk)

Non-Instructional Staff

Cornell University staff can obtain product activation information for use of Autodesk products for Cornell institutional use at How to Install Autodesk Software.

Download & Installation

Autodesk products are available for direct download from the manufacturer's website. (Students: Please be advised that downloading products from Autodesk via the Cornell network will be subject to data usage limits. Please see the NUBB page for more information about network data usage and billing.)

For step-by-step download and installation instructions, please see How To Install Autodesk Software. Note that there are different installation and activation instructions depending on whether you will be using Autodesk products as a student or educator, or as an institutional user.

If you have a special need for a local download for a specific Autodesk product, please contact us, and we'll do our best to provide it for you.

Students and Instructors
Autodesk Software for Education (link goes to Autodesk)

Non-Instructional Staff
Autodesk Trial Licensing (link goes to Autodesk)

For installation instructions and licensing information, see How To Install Autodesk Software.

Home Use

Students and Instructors
Autodesk's standard Educational Licensing allows installation on either personally-owned or institution-owned equipment. 

Non-Instructional staff
Autodesk's gift in kind for Cornell institutional use does NOT provide Home Use rights. Non-instructional staff may only install Autodesk products on Cornell-owned computers.

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