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Adobe Creative Cloud Licensing for Technical Support Providers

This article applies to: Software Licensing

This page provides information for Technical Service Providers (TSPs) about deploying Creative Cloud onto Cornell-owned computers.

If you are not a Technical Service Provider, please see our general Creative Cloud Licensing page. 

Cornell University has renewed its Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) for Adobe Creative Cloud products for the 2017-20 license term. The ETLA includes specific numbers of licenses and license types we can deploy across the University:

  • Creative Cloud All Apps Plan Individual (Named-User) Licenses for faculty and staff: 3200
  • Creative Cloud All Apps Plan Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licenses: 2000
  • Acrobat Pro Individual (Named-User) Licenses for faculty and staff: 1000
  • Acrobat Pro Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licenses: 750

These licenses have been paid for out of the central IT budget with no departmental chargeback. Before assigning licenses, we urge departments to assess the Cornell business need and to use reasonable discretion. At this time, we do not anticipate being able to increase these numbers over the course of the license term.

Students are not covered by the Creative Cloud Enterprise Term License. Students can purchase a subscription to Acrobat Pro or Creative Cloud at the Cornell Store.

License Types

Both the Creative Cloud All Apps Plan and the Acrobat Pro license can be deployed in two license types: Named-User (individual) Licensing and Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) LIcensing. These license types are intended for different use-cases.

Named-User Licensing -- Available to Eligible Faculty and Staff

Named-User Licensing provides access rights to an individual user, rather than to a specific computer. Named-User Licensing has the following features:

  • Available at no cost to eligible Cornell employees
  • Requires an individual Cornell user to register his or her '' Cornell email address as an Adobe ID that will be associated with the Adobe software installation on a specific computer.
  • Named-Users may install their licensed product(s) onto an arbitrary number of computers, these may be Cornell-owned or personally-owned machines.
  • Named-Users may store their login credentials on up to two computers, and may be signed in to any one computer at a time.
  • Creative Cloud All Apps Plan Named-Users also have access to 100 GB of Adobe cloud storage, and may also use Adobe online collaborative tools and Adobe mobile apps.
  • For more information about Named-User (individual) licensing, please see our Creative Cloud Enterprise Licensing page.

Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing--Available to Technical Support Providers

Important Change to Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing

Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing is only available for Creative Cloud 2018 and earlier releases.

DO NOT upgrade Classroom/Lab installations to CC 2019.

Beginning with CC 2019 (released 10/15/2018), Serial Number licensing is not valid. Adobe has announced that a new device-licensing method will become available in early 2019. They have not yet released any information about how this new device licensing method will function, nor have they given a definite release date.

Until this new device licensing method becomes available, Classroom/Lab-licensed Creative Cloud must remain at CC 2018.

Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing is available for Cornell-owned computers located on Cornell premises that are not associated with a specific individual. While this license type is primarily intended for use in instructional situations, these licenses may be deployed in other situations where Named-User licensing is not possible.

Serial Number licenses

  • are primarily intended for use on Cornell-owned computers in an instructional environment, such as in classrooms or in public computing labs.
  • may be used for Cornell nonacademic business in situations where Named-User licensing is not allowed, such as on Cornell-owned computers to be used by individuals who are not eligible for Named-User licenses. (for example, student employees).
  • are not associated with an Adobe ID.
  • do NOT extend Home Use rights to users of the computer.
  • do not have access to Adobe Cloud Storage, Adobe Fonts,Adobe online collaborative tools, or any Adobe mobile apps.

To ensure license compliance, TSPs are required to keep track of the number of installations of Creative Cloud and Acrobat Pro under Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) licensing. CU Software will periodically check in with departmental TSP contacts for the current numbers.

Direct (Desktop) Installation of the Creative Cloud All Apps Plan

Named-User Licensing

Instructions for customer self-service installation Creative Cloud under Named-User licensing on a computer that is not part of a endpoint management tools environment can be found at our Creative Cloud Enterprise Licensing page. We expect this will be the most commonly-used method of installation across campus.

If you are a TSP looking to set up individual users for Named-User licensing, you do NOT need to use the online store to order individual licenses for your staff. Instead, please send a list of employee names and NetIDs that need Creative Cloud to CU Software, along with a short description of which CC applications are needed and why We will set up those employees with Adobe IDs of format ''. Individual customers will be provided with installation instructions.

Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing

Classroom/Lab (Serial Number) Licensing is only available for Creative Cloud 2018 and earlier releases.

DO NOT upgrade Classroom/Lab installations to CC 2019.

For instructional or other non-user-specific computers that are not part of a endpoint management tools environment, we recommend a similar process. You will need to use two parts: the Creative Cloud desktop application (available from Adobe) and the Creative Cloud Classroom/Lab License Enabler. To obtain the License Enabler, please send a request to CU Software.

Download the free Creative Cloud Desktop App. You will need to register a Cornell email address as an Adobe ID. The Adobe ID does not need to be associated with a Named-User license, but it can be. After installation of the Creative Cloud Desktop App, you can use that app to install the specific Creative Cloud applications needed on the machine (Phtotshop, Acrobat Pro, etc). When installing, you must choose to install the 2018 (or earlier) version of Creative Cloud; Classroom/Lab licensing is not available for CC 2019 at this time. Please do NOT start any trial periods after installation; doing so could affect your ability to install that product in the future.

After you have installed the Creative Cloud 2018 applications needed on the machine, run the CC Classroom/Lab License Enabler. Separate License Enabler utilities are available for Windows and Macintosh. Remember: The License Enabler will NOT activate CC 2019 (or later) products.

Endpoint Management Tools (Managed Desktop) Installation

You can use your existing Endpoint Management Tools service (such as SCCM or Casper) to deploy Creative Cloud installations to your client machines. For more information about Creative Cloud deployment, please see the Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise site at:

Endpoint Management Tools deployment uses prepackaged bundles of Creative Cloud products that are most often used together. These deployment bundles have been configured such that end-users do not have the ability to update Creative Cloud software on their own. Updates to Creative Cloud must be sent through the Endpoint Management Tools service. Endpoint Management Tools installers are available for Named-User (individual) licensing, and can be created for Serial Number licensing by request. 

Adobe Product Bundles

In addition to an All Apps bundle that includes every Creative Cloud app, Adobe provides the following:

Adobe Creative Cloud Design Bundle:

  • Acrobat DC Pro
  • Bridge CC
  • Edge Animate
  • Illustrator CC
  • InCopy CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Lightroom
  • Media Encoder (Mac & Win64 only)
  • Muse CC
  • Photoshop CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Video Bundle (Mac & Win64 only):

  • Acrobat DC Pro
  • Bridge CC  
  • After Effects CC  
  • Audition CC  
  • Media Encoder  
  • Prelude CC  
  • Premiere Pro CC  
  • SpeedGrade CC

Adobe Creative Cloud Web Bundle:  

  • Acrobat DC Pro
  • Bridge CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Edge Animate
  • Fireworks CS6
  • Lightroom CC
  • Media Encoder (Mac & Win64 only)
  • Muse CC
  • Photoshop CC

To request a specific bundle, please send in a request to Let us know which bundle(s) you need and which platform(s) you need them for. Please also let us know if you need the Named-User or Classroom/Lab version of the bundle.

If you need a Creative Cloud application for distribution that is not part of one of these bundles, please email We will assemble additional bundles if the need arises. Please note that assembly of custom bundles may take up to five business days before delivery.

We can also set up departmental IT personnel as Creative Cloud Deployment Managers, who can create and manage their own custom Endpoint Management Tools Named-User deployment bundles. Please contact the CU Software office for more information about this.

Endpoint Management Tools Installation: Named-User Licensing

After installation of the Named-User version of the Endpoint Management Tools installers, the user will need to sign in with an Adobe ID that has been added to Cornell's Creative Cloud Enterprise License. By default, Creative Cloud will hang onto these credentials, and will not require the user to sign in each time the software is launched. (Note: If the user's computer refreshes from an image at reboot, the credentials are NOT held, requiring the user to sign in the first time Creative Cloud is launched.) The Endpoint Management Tools Named-User license installers allow a registered user to install additional Creative Cloud packages, but restrict software updates to those provided by your local update server. 

Departmental IT staff can send a list of employees to be provisioned with Creative Cloud Named-User Licenses to CU Software.

Named-User licensing allows Home Use installation onto a registered user's personally-owned computer. To install on a home computer, the user can follow the instructions at the Creative Cloud Enterprise Licensing page.

Endpoint Management Tools Installation: Serial Number Licensing

The Serial Number Licensing installers for Endpoint Management Tools are configured with Cornell's Enterprise License serial number, and do not need to be associated with an Adobe ID. These installers do not have access to the Creative Cloud Desktop App, or to any of Adobe’s online Creative Cloud collaborative tools. They also do not provide access to any Adobe Cloud Storage. End-users cannot install additional Creative Cloud software or update the existing installers. Software updates must be delivered by your endpoint management tools system. Serial Number licensing does not allow access to Adobe's additional Creative Cloud online tools. This license does not extend Home Use rights to the user(s) of the computer.

If you need the Creative Cloud for Endpoint Management Tools—Serial Number Licensing bundle installers, please send a request to us at To ensure license compliance, we need to verify that you are deploying them under an appropriate use-case. After deployment, departments are responsible for keeping track of all computers which have Creative Cloud installed under Serial Number licensing, and if asked, must provide a list of such machines to CU Software.


For questions about downloading installation packages and getting them to run, or to request a custom distribution bundle, please email:

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