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Safe Links Warning Pages

This describes typical warning messages you may see associated with Safe Links.

This article applies to: Security & Policy

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Malicious Website

A warning appears when the clicked URL points to a site that has been identified as malicious.

A red alert box with warning messages that the destination URL is classified as malicious

Verifying Link

A dialog box appears when you click on a link in Microsoft Teams. You will see this box until the link is verified as either safe or malicious. This typically takes only a few seconds.

Grey dialog box with the words verifying link

Page Cannot be Loaded

This warning displays when trying to access a malformed or broken Safe Link. If a Safe Link was edited it from its original form, such as by incorrectly copying and pasting a partial link, you may be directed here.

The yellow warning box says the page that you are trying to access cannot be loaded

Unblock a URL

If you believe a legitimate link is being blocked, please submit a service request to with a copy of the link.


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