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Resource Account Terms and Conditions

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

Anyone using computing, networking, and communications technology at Cornell is required to adhere to the Policy Regarding Abuse of Computers and Network Systems. It covers the protection of institutional computers, network systems, and information technology resources. It emphasizes that legitimate use of a computer or network does not extend to whatever an individual is capable of doing with it, and applies to all students, faculty, and staff.

Another policy, Authentication of Information Technologies Resources, also applies Resource Accounts. It describes the authorized uses of Network IDs and their limitations.

You should be familiar with these and other CIT and Cornell policies related to technology use on campus.

In addition, owners of Resource Accounts must:

  • Use Resource Accounts only for electronic mail related to the mission of the group or activity requesting the mailbox. Use your personal NetID for other mail.
  • Keep the list of people allowed to access the Resource Account, or send mail from it, up to date, using the Exchange Account Manager.
  • Renew your Resource Account annually. Once a year, an email message will be sent to the owner of the mailbox with a copy sent to the mailbox itself. This letter will give instructions on how to renew, change ownership, or cancel the box. If you do not reply by the deadline,
  • Your unrenewed mailbox will be taken offline.
  • Mail currently on the server for the mailbox will be deleted.
  • Future messages sent to the mailbox will be returned to the sender.

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