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Manage Resource Account Calendars

This article describes how to grant limited rights to view a Resource Account's calendar without granting full access.

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

Resource Account calendars have these default settings:

  • Everyone using the Cornell Exchange system can see the "free/busy" time for the Resource account calendar when they're creating a meeting.
  • Only those with Access rights (granted through the Exchange Account Manager) can see the details of the Resource account calendar. 
  • Every Resource account also includes an email account; calendar invitations in Exchange are handled by email.

Those who have Access rights can take the following steps to adjust the default settings to better fit how the account's calendar is used.

Grant Limited Access Rights

Decide whether other people need to be able to view, add, change, or delete entries on the account's calendar. You'll need to share the calendar with those people.

Notify the People Who Have Access

Send an email to the people with whom you shared the account's calendar. Include the account's name and the links below, which tell them how to view the calendar. (If you chose to share the calendar with everyone at Cornell, skip this step.)


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