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Add Email Addresses to Resource Accounts

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

This section assumes you have already found the desired account, are on the Edit Account page, and are looking at the Email Address section.

You can request and use multiple email addresses, but please limit your requests to only those addresses you truly need. Once an address has been assigned, it can never be used again, even if you stop using it and someone else requests it.

All mail sent to any of an account's email addresses gets delivered to the account's mailstore. It all goes to the same place.

To request an additional address, enter it in the Email Address field then click anywhere on the screen (outside the field). Make sure your address meets these naming standards:

  • Letters are allowed. By "letters" we mean the 26 unaccented, lowercase letters of the English alphabet.
  • The digits 0-9 are allowed, but we suggest that you avoid using the digits 0 and 1, since they are easily mistaken for letters. In some cases, for example an address that includes a year such as 2013, the context makes it clear.
  • The only special characters allowed are period, dash, and underscore.
  • The name must begin with a letter.
  • The name cannot resemble a NetID. NetIDs take the form of two or three letters followed by one or more digits.
  • Although email addresses can be quite long (more than 50 characters), it's best to keep them reasonably short.
  • Even if your requested name meets these criteria, it is possible that CIT will modify it in the interest of clarity, if, for example, there is another account with a very similar name.

You'll see the new address listed in the table, with a status of "ON-REQUEST." Do not publicize or use the address until you are notified that it has been approved.

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