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Put Cornell Authentication Before a Survey

This article applies to: Qualtrics (Survey Tool)

It's possible to require that survey invitees authenticate with CUWebLogin before they can take the survey. Qualtrics refers to this as setting up an SSO (Single Sign On) authenticator. 

Follow Qualtrics' instructions at SSO Authenticator, under Shibboleth

The illustration doesn't show it, but the authentication box must be before the survey in the survey flow.

Once the authentication is set up, it's possible to obtain details like the person's name, NetID email address, or Cornell entitlement (role) and add them to your survey's embedded data.  Follow the instructions under To Capture Identifying Information (Optional) in Qualtrics' documentation.

The friendly names referred to in Step 5 may be found under What attributes does the Cornell Identity Provider release? at Shibboleth FAQ
See the column Attribute Friendly Name in SAML Assertion

If the survey invitees might expect their responses to be anonymous, make sure to let them know if you are going to associate their responses with their name or other identifier.  

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