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Telephone and Calling Questions

Answers to common telephone and calling questions

This article applies to: Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff

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All my calls go directly to my voice mail, or to another extension; my phone never rings even once. What's wrong?

Have you checked to be sure that Send All Calls or Call Forwarding is not active? To clear these features:

  • Get a dial tone
  • Press #6 (to cancel Send All Calls)
  • Get dial tone again
  • Press #9 (to cancel Call Forwarding)

You should hear a confirmation tone. These steps will cancel any call forwarding or send all calls that may have been activated.

How can I change my directory listing?

For information about the directory and how to make changes, please read About Who I Am. To make the change go to Who I Am.

Why can't I dial long-distance or international calls?

You may be calling from a restricted telephone that will not allow off-campus, long-distance, or international calls. If so, ask your telecommunications coordinator to get you an authorization code, which will allow you to make these calls.

What should I do if my speaker button is flashing?

To set or reset your speaker, you need to press your Select button, then press the Speaker button.

My phone has no dial tone or is not working.

Is your phone plugged into a jack? If not, generally it will need to be plugged into the first outlet (left side) in the jack. If you have four outlets in your jack, the top left port is the one normally used for telephone connections.

If the phone is plugged into the correct outlet and still has no dial tone, ask your telecommunications coordinator to contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, Data.

How can I determine the phone number that is assigned to a phone? The label is missing.

To check the phone number assigned to a phone, listen for dial tone and dial 958. After a few seconds, you will hear an automated message with the phone number assigned to the location.


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