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This article applies to: Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff

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Support Contacts

Faculty and staff campus telephone services are provided by the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data, part of Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). For student telephone services in the residence halls, see the Student Voice Service page.

Departmental telecommunications coordinators support faculty and staff with telephone and related services such as voice mail and calling cards. Discuss telecommunications service needs and report issues to your coordinator. If you don't know who your telecommunications coordinator is, ask the administrative assistant for your unit. 

If you don't have a telecommunications coordinator or can't determine who your coordinator is, contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data at 607-254-6271, or email

If you are the person who assists others in your unit with telephone-related requests and issues, see the sections below for the needed forms for requests or repairs.

Requests for New Connections and Changes in Current Service

For new connections and requests for changes in service, submit a Request for Service (RFS) form on the web, or contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data. 

The standard turnaround time is within 5 working days. This can vary if the request requires wiring and shops may be needed. 


Repair service for university telephones is provided at no charge, except in the case of abused equipment. Staff and faculty are responsible for repairs to any personal equipment. To request RingCentral repair service, submit a RingCentral Telephone Issue Request on the web, or contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data. To request Avaya repair service, submit an Avaya Telephone Issue Request on the web, or contact the IT Service Desk: Voice, Video, and Data. 

You will need the following information: 

  • Telephone number for repair  
  • Jack ID (written on the jack) 
  • Building name and room number
  • Contact person  
  • Description of the problem  

Target response time for repairs is 2 business days.

Target response time for requests for voice or data service for existing infrastructure is 5 business days.  

Voice and data support is available on business days from 8:00am-4:30pm.


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