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Starting Thursday, April 27, 2023, the Zoom Polls/Quizzes library will be available for Cornell Zoom meeting and webinar hosts.

The Polls/Quizzes library can be accessed through the Cornell Zoom portal. After clicking either Meetings or Webinars, a new tab titled Polls/Quizzes will be available at the top of the session listings. Here, a host can create and save a library of polls, edit previously saved polls, and enable listed polls to be available in meetings or webinars.

Polls saved and enabled in the library can be launched during a meeting or webinar using the Polls button on the Host Toolbar.

For more details about this feature, visit Zoom’s documentation resources:

Whenever Zoom documentation instructions ask you to sign in, be sure to use the Cornell Zoom portal (, rather than the Zoom vendor website.

If you encounter an issue using Zoom at Cornell, contact the IT Service Desk.



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