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What makes Box right for your storage needs?

Box has the flexibility for offline and online file editing, many levels of collaboration, and is suited to house specific regulated data at Cornell. Whether you just want a place to store personal files and information, or you’re deep into research collaboration, Box gives you many options for one-stop productivity. In addition, if you work with or within a group or department, Box Departmental Folders will integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day personal box usage.

This article is part of a series about storage options at Cornell. See also an overview of Microsoft storage, and how OneDriveTeams file storage, and SharePoint Document Libraries fit into the ecosystem. In the coming weeks there will be articles about Box departmental folders, Google Drive, and Shared Drive.

Box provides Cornell faculty, staff, students, and affiliates with cloud storage accessible through your computer, phone, or tablet, much like OneDrive and SharePoint. Box also allows you to mark documents for offline use, so that you have access to them when you aren’t connected to the internet. Box is approved for FERPA- and GLBA-regulated (Bursar-related) adata storage.

In addition to file storage, Box offers online editing of many different types of documents, so that you can work right in a browser. Box integrations include Microsoft Office and Teams, Zoom, Google, Slack, and Salesforce. You can even create simple workflows, such as automatically copying a completed Adobe Sign form directly into a Box folder.

Box offers several ways to collaborate with others at Cornell and elsewhere, either for single files or entire folders. From upload-only to full co-owner, Box gives you seven levels of shared access to manage document access.

Looking for a way for your department or group to collectively own data? Watch for next week’s article about Box Departmental Folders!



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